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Sportowy intercooler renomowanej firmy Forge Motorsport. Zapewnia znaczny spadek temperatury w dolocie co przekłada się na wzrost mocy, momentu obrotowego oraz lepszą reakcję na gaz. Niezbędny w samochodach ze zwiększonym doładowaniem w których przyrosty w ciepłe dni mogą sięgać nawet 30KM.

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Cechy produktu

Producent Forge Motorsport
Marka samochodu AUDI
Model samochodu TTRS

Opis / Zastosowanie

Audi TTRS Mk2 09 Onwards

Oryginalny opis producenta:

Following on from our success in developing an uprated intercooler in 2011 for the Audi TTRS, our tuning partners approached us to develop a 2nd version that would be specifically designed for those running 500+ bhp.
With a no holes barred approach our engineers have created yet another success. All the available space is now utilised with our modified crash bumper that also doubles as the intercooler support.
The Dynograph shows the comparison between a tuned TTRS running our original intercooler and after installing the 500+ bhp version. The results repeatedly showed an increase from the 460bhp previously acheived to 512bhp, indicating a gain of +52bhp.
Whilst we have retained the utilisation of the original hoses we do recommend the use of silicone hose replacements (product code FMKTTTRS) at this level of tuning.
Please note: This intercooler is integrated into a replacement crash bumper and as such, is supplied as a combined item. We only supply this product in a black finish.
Please Note: In line with our policy to constantly review, revise and improve our product range, the product you receive may differ from the one advertised.